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Age range of children within the nursery

Caterpillars 0 – 2.5

Butterflies 2.5 – school age (dependant of child’s birthday)

Can you assist with my child’s potty training

Yes we can work together and offer reward charts and stickers. You would need to provide plenty of changes of clothes

Can you prescribe Calpol at nursery

No. Due to COVID we are unable to give Calpol as this mask the symptoms of COVID.

Childcare fees

Payments accepted via BACS payments and saving parents £2000pa

Do you accept funding

Yes we accept 15hr and 30hr funding. Children are eligible the term after their 3rd birthday.

Do you cater for children with dietary requirements and allergies


Do you have a registration form?

Yes you can download / view our registration form by clicking here.

How are the children’s learning journals done

We use BabyDays to log everything the child has done throughout their time with us from food, nappies, photos of observations.

How many sessions does my child need to attend

We require a minimum of 2 days per week with a 6hr session i.e 9-3pm

What are the operating times of the nursery

Monday - Friday 7am – 6pm

51 weeks of the year and closed bank holidays

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